When the Earth Eats Your Home

If you're required by your lender to have property insurance (and it's probably a good idea to have that protection anyway), you may want to check to see if you're fully protected. 

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Emergency or Bump in the Road? Your choice.

Your car breaks down. You slip on a patch of ice and break your wrist. The refrigerator dies (two days after you had to call a plumber for a busted pipe). Unexpected expenses happen. And they can stress even a carefully planned budget if there's no "cushion" to fall back on. 

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Hurricanes and Your Home: Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Few events bring on more destruction and disruption than a hurricane. As a homeowner, you can't stop the howling winds, but you can prepare.​

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Oh, Baby! Adjusting Finances for a Growing Family​

A new addition to the family can be a joy. But if you’re already on a tight budget, you should understand the financial impact children can make. ​The federal government estimates the cost of raising a child in a middl​e class family to age 17 is more than $230,000.​​

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Lower your monthly payments without refinancing? Recast.

​Many homeowners may be familiar with mortgage refinancing as a way to change the terms of a loan, whether that’s to obtain a lower interest rate, convert an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, shorten the length of the loan, or even unlock cash from equity. But there are times when a homeowner may not need all the features of a refinancing​.

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