A payoff statement is a document that specifies the amount needed to pay a loan in full. If you’d like a copy of your payoff statement, simply ask and follow the instructions below.

Q: Is the remaining principal balance of my loan considered my payoff amount?
A: No, the principal balance alone is not your payoff amount. You may request a payoff statement by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-800-315-4757, by fax at 1-720-241-7218, by using your online account or by mail at:
Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
P.O. Box 636005
Littleton, CO 80163-6005
Attn: Payoff Department

Please be advised there may be a fee for a payoff statement, as allowed by applicable law.

Q: How long will it take to receive a payoff quote after it is ordered?
A: A payoff quote is typically provided within five business days, unless otherwise required by state law.

Q: What is a prepayment penalty?
A: Some mortgages provide for a penalty for paying a loan in full early. Please refer to your mortgage documents for details.


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